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This week in Colorado~

NOLA County

Have a listen to yesterday's NOLA County radio show hosted by Jimi Palacios! You can hear my interview live on air with Jimi (about an hour in) about some big upcoming news!!!! 

Bill Kirchen!

A sweet gem I found (again) online! Enjoy!



Bill Kirchen: Too Much Fun from Ron Stanford on Vimeo.

Thank you Louisiana and Texas!

This week in Denver

Bill Kirchen / Ginny's Little Longhorn

New live footage

The Rhythm Review at the Swing Station in La Porte, CO. March 25th, 2017



East Bound Hammer Down

Wanted: National booking agent!

I've toured a good portion of the US over the years. I've made my own way connecting the dots and building relationships with music lovers and musicians as well as club owners and promoters.

As 2017 gets rolling, I feel now is a good time to bring in another member of the team to help keep this train a rollin' !

I would love to expand our markets and yearly show counts, reach more music lovers across the country, and continue to grow as a musician. To do that, it seems like now is a great time to join forces with someone who shares the same work ethic, dependability, and honesty that I pride myself on and get to work!

If you or someone you know is in the booking business and interested in working together with tried and true professionals who are road tested and readily available to get out and work, please drop me a line!

Many thanks!


Ameripolitan Week 2017 is going GREAT!

A fun clip from last at the Junior Brown/Dale Watson show!

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