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Heartaches, Time Takes

by Adam Lopez & His Rhythm Review

Released 2016
Amador 44
Released 2016
Amador 44
#Ameripolitan Music !
American roots music from both sides of the tracks. Rockabilly, Honky Tonk, Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll.
The new album from Ameripolitan recognized artist Adam Lopez & His Rhythm Review! A collection of 14 new original songs that run the gamut of American roots styles. From Rockabilly to Rhythm & Blues. Honky Tonk to Rock & Roll. While their take on the various styles starts with an old school approach, the music itself is very much modern music that is relevant now and potentially timeless. Great rhythms, hooks, soulful vocals, and Telecaster style guitar slinging are …
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Celluloid Silence

by Adam Lopez

Released 05/13/2016
Amador 44
Released 05/13/2016
Amador 44
My first all instrumental release. 2016
Featuring Brandon Holder (Leon Russell Band) on drums with guest appearances by Cris Kirkwood (The Meat Puppets), Paul Pigat (Cousin Harley), and Casey James Prestwood.

California Jones

by Adam Lopez & His Rhythm Review

Released 08/12/2014
Amador 44
Released 08/12/2014
Amador 44
American Music From Both Sides of the Tracks!
  • 03:16
  • 03:41 Lyrics
    Take These Chains (From My Whiskey)

    I sense a breakdown coming and I just spilled whiskey on my shirt. 
    This is the last time I serve my heart up to you to hurt. 
    And now my whiskey bottle's running dry, and I no longer believe you when you cry. 
    Well we've played these games one too many times before. 

    And now you're trying to lead me down that road. 
    Where your true intentions, they show. 
    You got me right back where you want me to be. 
    I was blind, but now I see. 
    And you ain't gonna be playing these games with me. 
    And I ain't gonna be playing your blind man no more. 

    And I tried before to let you go. 
    But I just can't let you alone. 
    My patience and my wallet, they're running thin. 
    And now the cost of whiskey's going up. 
    The more I deal with you, the more I need to get drunk. 
    But that ain't no way for neither of us to live.

  • 04:04
    I've Got To Take You Back
  • 03:59
    3 a.m.
  • 02:34
    Disorderly Love
  • 02:56
  • 03:19
    It Took Tough Love To Love You
  • 02:31
    Play That Baby
  • 03:12 Lyrics
    Little Things

    You make me smile when you say those little things. 
    You make me smile when you got me in your ways. 
    And there's nothing I wouldn't do to stay in your grace. 

    I'll sing to you every morning when you awake. 
    I'll sing to you every morning, every night, and every day. 
    Just come back home where you belong and share your little things. 

    Little things Baby. 
    It's all those little things that made me fall in 
    love with you. 

    Little things Baby. You got your little things Baby. It's all those little things that keep me loving you. 

    I'll wait for you if that's just what it takes. 
    True love is worth all these heartaches. 
    Cause those little things, they go a long way.
  • 01:58
    Hitch In Your Giddy Up
  • 03:07
    Times Like These
  • 03:45
    Evil In Her Step
  • 02:49
    Stoneface Gal
From Rockabilly to Rhythm & Blues. From Surf to Honky Tonk and Americana.

Rock & Roll Is My Super Power

by Adam Lopez

Released 2010
Released 2010
A powerful American Roots set featuring , screaming guitar, and soulful vocals on 8 original Rockabilly/Rock & Roll fueled tunes by indy singer/songwriter/guitarist Adam Lopez!
After the worldwide success of "Stranded In Babylon", indy artist Adam Lopez is back with a new album. "Rock & Roll Is My Super Power" focuses on Adam's love for Rockabilly/Rock & Roll/Roots/Blues music and guitar styles as he explores the original influences and musical styles that inspired him to make music in the first place.

Fans of Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Gene Vincent, Johnny Burnette, Elvis era Sun Records, The Paladins, The Blasters, …
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