The Burning Angels' set lists run DEEP. That's a TON of material with very specific (and classic) guitar parts, so it's kept my days/evenings busy to say the least. What a great opportunity though to really dig in to some of these legendary guitar lines and work them out more or less note for note.

As a guitar geek, that's something that really floats my boat. As a hired gun so often however, time is very limited to learn every bit of every style/song you want when so much is spent learning just what you need to get through said gigs. I'm blessed that I get to not only work with a great band of great friends, but the set list reads like a who's who of classic country guitar pickin'. It's an exhausting and long process, but oh so worth it in the long run. James Burton, Roy Nichols, Pete Anderson, Don Rich, Gene Moles, and on and on....

Speaking of the Angels, this past week was AWESOME! We played a killer set at the Bluebird Theater in Denver opening for Slim Cessna's Auto Club followed by a taping of Sounds on 29 on our local PBS affiliate. Look for it to air late in April! Things are going great and getting better all the time.... Looking forward to Nashville in May! Details coming soon~

When I get a few minutes here and there, I'm back working on guitar tracks for my upcoming instrumental releases as well as The Rhythm Review album. Because The Angels are keeping so busy gigging, my recording time is limited at the moment, but thanks to my new SansAmp, I no longer have to worry about noise/time when recording in my apartment, so that helps. It's not a quick process for me to record at home generally, but just doing a bit regularly week to week helps keep the momentum/inspiration moving right along. I may release 2 instrumental tracks at a time; i.e. an "A" and "B" side.

In other news, I've also recently acquired a full Boomerang III setup from Boomerang Music in Texas. A handful of years back, I made some waves with some live looping experimentation I was doing on some guitar forums and on YouTube. Due to the constraints of the gear I had and of course time, I slowly lost interest. The new Boomerang gear however has totally re-inspired me to get back into live looping. The sound quality and flexibility is phenomenal and I plan on doing some solo guitar instrumental gigs once I get more familiar with the gear and once the instrumental album is finished. I think it will be a great way to promote the album and also be tons of fun for me to challenge myself.

In randomness, Jeff and I caught the Meat Puppets and Moistboyz show last night in Boulder at the Fox Theater. It was a great show in a great venue. I was stoked to catch up and get to hang out with my buddy Cris Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets again. Watching their set from the stage was pretty epic.

Don't forget to check out the calendar as there are a couple Angels gigs as well as a Rhythm Review show this weekend!

I am blessed. I hope everyone is well!


P.S. the live shots from the Sounds on 29 taping were taken by Lane Leazer !


I can't believe it's March already! Hoping everyone is doing well. Please take a look at the "shows" tab for March dates. The Burning Angels are getting busier and busier and now that I'm back home in Denver, the Rhythm Review has a couple local shows this month as well.

Be well!


I'm excited and slightly nervous. Tomorrow night is my debut as an official member of The Burning Angels and not just a fill in guitar slinger. I've always hoped that me and the fellas would get the chance to work together in this capacity, and now the time is here.

If you're in the Fort Collins, CO area tomorrow night (Tues. Feb. 4th), please swing by the Sundance Steakhouse & Saloon! It will be an epic night of honky tonkin', sweet steel, and country Tele pickin!

And if you're in the area, but can't make it tomorrow night, we'll be there all weekend (Fri/Sat) as well!

Join us!


I am extremely proud and excited to announce that I have been asked to play guitar for one of the most awesome honky tonk / REAL country bands around: Casey James Prestwood & The Burning Angels!

Besides writing and recording great music in a style that is most dear to my heart as a guitarist, they are also all great friends. I have considered them like brothers since meeting them and being their sub guitarist for the last couple of years.

Their new album is truly awesome and features guitar picking by the great Kenny Vaughan (Marty Stuart) and steel pickin' by none other than Lloyd Green. Lloyd is an absolute legend. Look him up if you aren't familiar with his work!!!

I have the utmost respect for the guys, their music, and their vision. I do believe that together we make a great team and that the future is very bright.

This also means I will be back working primarily out of Denver again, and of course the Rhythm Review will continue on as well. New music, a new album, new merchandise...

Also, that solo instrumental album I've been writing and demoing, is on the 'to do' list. I hope to start getting final takes ready for release very soon and am really excited about it. It's a project that I've been dreaming of for years and I finally feel I'm ready to create something I can be happy with.

So please find and "like" Casey James Prestwood & The Burning Angels on Facebook by clicking here!

And check out our official website here! And of course, please don't forget to "like" my own Facebook page here!



So the west coast run with Jane Rose & The Deadend boys has finally come to an end after almost 2 months! Add that to the dates I've been doing with the Rhythm Review and I've been 'on the road' some 10 months straight. Yikes!

There are so many cool stories to share but right now I'm just trying to get my bearings!  There were tons of great gigs, tons of awesome people, and experiences! It's all about the experiences!

I'm currently back in Denver and about to announce my next big plans. I am super proud and excited about them and will announce them very soon! Just know that they are pretty big to lure me back from Nashville. Life is good and the future is bright!.

Also, I've started an Instagram account as "AdamLopezGuitar". Please join me there as well as the usual online sites!


Wishing everyone the best !


A couple weeks in and we've made it up to Seattle. My/our first time here and it's a great city! We're having a blast. Our show with the Dusty 45s was epic and tonight's NYE gig should be ROCKIN!


Some photos I shot with my new phone; Enjoy!


Happy New Years y'awl!



Opening night as a Deadend Boy was a success. The Blue Max in Midland, TX is a great venue with first class sound. We all had a great time. Tonight's Albuquerque show has been rescheduled for Jan 16th and we are looking forward to 4 gigs in 3 days starting this Thursday in Phoenix, AZ!

Good times await! Wishing everyone well and hope to see you all on the road very soon!




This has been a week of rest as well as a week reconnecting with my guitar! No driving, no stress, just good times with some really great people. I have missed you Nashville!

Having some afternoons free to sit and pick guitar, go over some lessons, learn some new licks and songs... it's something I miss always being on the road. It feels awesome!

My first rehearsal as a Deadend Boy went great. We get back after it tomorrow and I can't wait. The energy and firepower the 4 of us have together is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. We can go from soft and sweet to hard and mean and keep it swingin' all the while... I can't wait to see my friends and family back out on the road!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season and I can't wait to share it with y'awl real soon!

Much love!




So as those of you close to me know, guitar is my first and only one true love. There are countless facets to being a working musician and being well rounded is of the utmost importance. However, when it all comes down to it, playing a Telecaster brings me the most joy. Being a first call sideman/guitar slinger and adding that 'something special' to a working band is a great challenge that I welcome. It allows me to focus strictly on musicianship and elevating not only my own playing, but the overall experience of hearing and seeing said band. I take pride in being a team player.

So with that I am thrilled to announce that I have officially accepted the offer to spend December and January touring with Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys out of Nashville, TN!

As many of you know, working in and from Nashville is something I hold in high regard and this opportunity is a blessing. I've been fortunate to do session work there and now I get my chance to work with a GREAT singer and her band from there. I am truly blessed.


The Rhythm Review and I are still moving forward with new merchandise (it will be available online soon!) and a new album. I still take great pride in my own music and showcasing it with the R.R. and this is by no means the end of the trio. In fact, it's just the beginning of a new and better chapter! 

Life is beautiful and I give thanks daily for sharing it with y'awl ;)


Catch us in Denver this week, Oklahoma next week, and then it's off to Nashville to join up with Jane and the boys!


Happy Holidays and hope to see and hangout with y'awl on my travels!






So we're back in Austin, Texas this week after a week long run in Fort Worth. Texas is a great state and we're having a ball! This coming Thursday (at 8:30 p.m.) we've been asked back for one more Texas show before we head back to the Rocky Mountains of beautiful Colorado! 

We'll be at the LEGENDARY Poodie's Hilltop Roadhouse! Legendary because it's one of Willie Nelson's hangouts and was owned by his former right hand man/stage manager Poodie Locke (R.I.P.). Not only has Willie graced the stage, but so have the likes of Billy Joe Shaver, Ray Benson & Asleep At The Wheel, Billy Bob Thornton and many many more. It's an honor to be asked back!

Also this week, new merchandise orders have/are being placed! Decals, T shirts, trucker hats, buttons, and of course the new CD will go out to print and ready by Dec. 1st! 

We are absolutely thrilled and feeling so blessed for everyone's support, generosity, friendship, and love. It's a beautiful life we lead and it's an honor to share it with each and everyone one of you!


Stay tuned! Love.


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